In your capacity as a professional advisor, you are no doubt looking for new ways to add value to your client relationships and to distinguish your services from those of your competitors. ImpactGiving complements the services you already offer. Once you have determined the role and structure for philanthropy in your client's plans, we step in to help guide your client through the process of determining the best organizations to receive that philanthropic investment.

ImpactGiving is an individualized consultative service customized for each client based on proven proprietary methodologies. Our three-step process--development of a Personal Philanthropy Mission Statement, CharityMatch and Planning & Impact Assessment--lead your client toward more strategic giving--philanthropy instead of charity.

ImpactGiving offers advisors the opportunity to:

  • Expand client relationships
  • Increase client loyalty
  • Secure more referrals
  • Realize personal satisfaction by helping your clients engage in the philanthropic process

Find out how ImpactGiving can benefit you and your clients:

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"He that gives good advice builds with one hand. He that gives good counsel and example builds with both."
      - Francis Bacon -