ImpactGiving is a philanthropic advisory service that complements financial, tax, and estate planning by helping donors ensure that their gifts are made to the causes that really matter to them ... and to the organizations that are most effective.

At ImpactGiving, we see charitable giving as driven not just by the potential impact on worthy causes, but also by your values, passions and imagination. How can you be sure your charitable donations are fulfilling your philanthropic mission? At ImpactGiving, we approach the process in a way that is very similar to financial and estate planning.

When you have invested in your own financial well-being, doubtless you have approached the challenge thoughtfully – you defined your goals, performed research, made a plan and then regularly assessed your investment performance against your plan. But when it comes to charitable giving, you have given money – and perhaps your time – without really being able to assess the impact of your donations. And you may be uncertain about whether one charity is a better match for you than another, simply because the landscape is so confusing and there is so little useful information available.

ImpactGiving addresses both concerns. You want to feel that you’re giving to the causes that really matter to you. At the same time, you need to know that your philanthropic giving is guided by the same discipline that you and your advisors apply to your estate and financial planning.

Our three step process - Development of a Personal Philanthropy Mission Statement, CharityMatch, and Planning & Impact Assessment - lead you towards more strategic giving. Philanthropy instead of Charity.




"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another."
      - Charles Dickens -