Are you interested in supporting NGOs in other parts of the world?  Do you already support organizations in other countries? Would you like to make your vacations more meaningful?

ImpactGiving advisors have been working with donors who contribute to NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in Israel, England, Italy, France, Hungary, Argentina, and Australia. 

International Giving

Using our unique CharityMatch methodology, we'll take your individualized profile and database matches and further refine our search with our insider knowledge of NGOs in those countries listed above (or contact us about any others). We have advisors in each of those countries that know the NGO sector intimately. The result is the optimum selection of matches tailored to your unique objectives. Using this limited selection of matches, we'll provide you with Grantee Snapshots - customized summaries of the organizations for possible inclusion in your philanthropic "portfolio."

After careful consideration and discussion with you, we'll refine the group of charity candidates to the one or several that warrant further study. We'll then create a Grantee Profile, an in-depth analysis for each organization you are considering. With this more detailed analysis in hand; you'll be ready to make the choices that make the most sense for you.

But there is nothing like seeing your impact, so at the request of a group of our clients we organized our Philanthropic Travel program.

Philanthropic Travel

ImpactGiving offers two types of philanthropic travel experiences - "business" and tourism.  The first is for donors who want to spend their days visiting with NGOs.  They believe that in order to make an informed decision about contributing to programs in other countries, it is important to learn about and see the impact these programs are having in their communities. ImpactGiving will tailor travel programs to your objective.

The second philanthropic travel experience we offer combines volunteer work and/or philanthropy with more traditional elements of travel and tourism – arts, culture, history, and recreation – travelers are able to connect to their destination on an entirely new level. Philanthropic Travelers tell us that helping local people made their trips more meaningful. “You’re going to someone’s country to have a wonderful time,” says one of our travelers, “this is a way to express your gratitude.”  As with the more "business" oriented trip, ImpactGiving will tailor travel with opportunities to meet local NGOs that match your philanthropic mission.

The journeys are powerful experiences, often life-changing, and give us each the opportunity to be a part of the solutions.

As with all of our work, the ImpactGiving goal is to help donors define and achieve their philanthropic visions and maximize the impact of their philanthropic efforts - here in the US or overseas.

Next Steps

Philanthropic Travel & International Giving
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"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
      - Anne Frank -

Puzzle Israel is one of our partners for philanthropic travel in Israel.  Watch the video below of a giving circle that planned their philanthropic travel experience with Puzzle Israel.