When you choose ImpactGiving Private Client Services, you'll be teamed with a Personal Advisor who will guide you, face-to-face, through the ImpactGiving process - and who will partner with you over the long-term to ensure your goals are met. You'll enjoy our highest level of ongoing advice and individualized support.

Our three step process - Development of a Personal Philanthropy Mission Statement, CharityMatch, and Planning & Impact Assessment - lead you towards more strategic giving. Philanthropy instead of Charity.

As an ImpactGiving Private Client you'll enjoy:

  • Regular, one-on-one consultations with your Personal Advisor
  • Guided journey to establish your Personal Philanthropy Mission Statement
  • Access to Premium sector research
  • Fee, rather than commission-based service
  • Annual impact assessment
  • Regular re-evaluation of your personalized giving plan

Determine if ImpactGiving Private Client Services are right for you:

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Private Client Services
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"Giving should be entered into in just the same careful way as investing... giving is investing."
      -John D. Rockefeller-