We hope you find your questions answered in this collection of FAQs. If you feel we've skipped one, please send us a message and we'll get it added here.

Why can't I develop a philanthropic mission statement and plan on my own?

You certainly can, but we have some specialized processes that seem to work well for most people. Also, philanthropic objectives can change over time: your assets may enlarge to the point that you have more to give; your children and grandchildren are successful in their own right and so your annual and estate giving to family may not need to grow; and your priorities may change due to a life-changing event (a loved one struggling with a disease, for example or travel to a part of the world that inspires you). Even if you've established your philanthropic objectives in the past, just like a good financial plan, it's a good idea to periodically review them.

What if there are certain organizations I want to give to no matter what?

The entire process is customized and personalized just for you. Your Grantee List may include organization's you're already familiar with and may be giving to currently. Our goal is to help you do exactly what you want with your charitable investments.

What do you charge for your services?

Like your estate planning attorney, we charge an hourly rate. Unlike other philanthropic advisory services, we never charge a percentage of the amount you donate. No matter how much you give, our fees remain the same.

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