How does ImpactGiving fit with the services we already offer?
We do not advise on financial, estate or tax planning. We step in only after your client has determined that philanthropy will be part of his or her planning. We'll then work with your client to identify which charities or projects he or she should consider for investment. In other words, ImpactGiving is complementary to the services you already offer.

How do you structure the relationship with advisors?
You may wish to simply refer clients to us. On the other hand, you may wish to integrate our services with yours as part of a comprehensive suite of planning services offered by your firm. We'll work with you to structure the relationship in a way that makes the most sense for you, your clients and for ImpactGiving.

What kind of information is available from other sources on charities?
Very little. Financial metrics are generally limited to what's shown on a charity's IRS return, commonly known as a Form 990. Annual reports are available but nonprofit organizations simply aren't accustomed to providing the kind of qualitative information most donors want to know. The biggest challenge is that to analyze the information that is available takes time and expertise, which most donors don't have.

How does philanthropic planning relate to estate and financial planning?
All three types of planning have the same goal: achieving the best possible impact with investments. We're happy to consult as a team with donors and advisors.

How would it work if our entire group wants to offer ImpactGiving to our clients?
We offer Private Label versions of ImpactGiving, including a link to your client intranet, if desired. We also offer seminars on philanthropy that can be offered as stand-alone curriculum to your clients or can become a part of seminars on charitable giving that you may already be offering. Give us a call! We'll put together a package of services designed to meet your unique needs.

Do the nonprofits pay you a commission for referrals?
Never! Nothing is paid to us by the nonprofit nor do our fees vary based on the amount of the gift.

Do you work only with individuals or do you also work with Foundations?
We welcome the opportunity to work with Foundations that have been established by individuals and/or families through a donor-advised fund, through a Community Foundation, a Federation or through a financial services or brokerage company. We also can help with the administrative aspects of running a Foundation, such as annual meetings and grants administration.

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