Microgrants are small, one-time only, cash awards given to an individual or an organization for a short-term community project. Unlike loans, microgrants aren't repayable. The idea is to provide financing to help people solve their own local problems and generate accomplishments that inspire pride. Micro-grants are potentially powerful as well as cost-effective interventions. When used correctly, they can engage people in creative community betterment efforts, and generate real accomplishments people can take pride in.

Do you need guidance on how to establish a micro-grant program for your organization?

At ImpactGiving, we can walk you through each step to a successful program that will make a difference in your community.




"Jesus always uses a little to make a great impact, and at Metropolitan Community Church we believe in the power of a little. We want to encourage and assist small groups to live out the mission of our church and make a lasting impact on the lives of those in our community. We believe that tangible acts of service and love can take place through our Micro Grant Fund. Our hope is that these micro-grants will be the catalyst for life-changing relationships to be built through acts of compassion, sacrifice, and humility."