Complementing ImpactGiving's CharityMatch service, we will work with you to establish a multi-year donation plan designed to transform your giving from charity to philanthropy - from simply writing a check to truly having an impact.

But a static philanthropic plan isn't worth much; your plan must be continually re-evaluated and revised as your priorities change or your chosen charities are no longer achieving your goals.

On a periodic basis, we will report back to you on the impact of your giving. In addition to results reports, we offer an array of other analyses to help you visualize - in graphic form - the results of your generosity. You'll be able to see your giving broken down in a variety of ways - just as you review your other investments.

If indicated, we'll help you make changes to your personalized portfolio. In fact, we'll regularly inform you, via e-mail or printed newsletter (your preference) when new organizations or projects that meet your criteria come to our attention or warrant a closer look.



Giving away money EFFECTIVELY, is almost as hard as earning it in the first place."
      - Bill Gates-