"My company was recently sold and, as a result, I received a one-time windfall. Since my overall philanthropy pie got larger, I decided that instead of just increasing the size of the pie wedge given to the organizations I've always supported, I would increase the number of wedges-in effect, broadening my support to new organizations I'd previously not had the funds to support. With that in mind, I didn't know where to begin to even think about the what causes and which organizations should be the beneficiaries of this increase. My ImpactGiving Personal Advisor took me through a process, the result of which is an entirely new and exciting interest alongside the causes I still care about."

"We wanted our vacation to make a difference. After taking a philanthropic travel experience planned by Fran, we now know that you can go to someone's country to have a wonderful time, express your gratitude, and make an impact."

"Fantastic! Developing my Personal Philanthropy Mission Statement was an incredible journey for me personally. That alone would have made the process worthwhile."

"In an industry plagued with questions about ethical use of funds, I cannot think of anyone I've worked with, in more than 30 years in the sector, with more integrity than Fran Levey."

"My husband and I always made our decisions about which charities to support together. When I became a widow, I felt unsure making those decisions by myself. My attorney offered me expertise in structuring my gifts and by referring me to ImpactGiving was able to help me feel confident again in my choice of beneficiaries."

"I'm an executive at a large global company that requires community service and philanthropy of its executives. Previously I had volunteered with whatever organization happened to contact me at the right time. After going through the ImpactGiving process, I am now engaged with a group that really matters to me personally and from which I derive tremendous satisfaction."

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Giving away money EFFECTIVELY, is almost as hard as earning it in the first place."
      - Bill Gates-